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Havering Council Choose EdgeLED™ S7 to shine new light

Like many buildings of a similar age, the offices that house the London Borough of Havering’s Technical Services team had been the perfect design for yesterday’s technology. Once a lauded example of civic architecture, they were now expensive to run - in an age when local authorities must count every penny spent, every watt used and every carbon footprint left.

And the working environment was showing its age too, the lighting - ideal for old CRT monitors was no longer suited to modern flat screen working.

Pilot study demonstrates potential

It started with a pilot study. At Fern-Howard’s suggestion four existing 4x18W fluorescent units were replaced with their new EdgeLED™ S7 recessed ceiling luminaires to see how the working environment was affected. The results are dramatic, the shadows and dark spots are gone, replaced by a uniform light that no longer causes glare and that makes on-screen working much less exhausting.

The pilot study also showed that the best environment was achieved when 50% of the fittings were 1-10V dimmable luminaires to ensure comfortable light levels in different areas and avoid energy wastage. The final scheme, which includes kitchen and toilet facilities, saw a point for point replacement of all 101 existing fluorescents replaced with the same number of EdgeLED™ S7.

Payback in less than four years

Most importantly though, energy consumption is reduced by 56% - a total saving of 8,836 KWh a year and, when the reduced maintenance cost of LED is factored in, the council will save £4,700 each year and achieve payback in under four years.

It’s an example of how Fern-Howard’s EdgeLED™ technology can reduce running costs whilst simultaneously creating a better working environment, a result John Roberts, Electrical Engineer for the London Borough of Havering, is both impressed, and pleased, with.  “Given that the S7 luminaires are so simple to fix, the difference they make to our energy use and working environment is exceptional, you expect light quality like this to come at a price. It doesn’t.”