OEM Light Guides

Illumination without Limitation

Now you can create the thinnest, brightest and most cost-effective LED based luminaires – without upfront development and tooling costs.

Our Edge-lit LED light guides use Rambus’ patented MicroLens® technology, and with our new off-the-shelf range of reference light guides, you can create what you always wanted but until now couldn't.

At only 4mm, they’re not only the thinnest around, but they let you create the most elegant, brightest and most cost-effective LED based luminaires you can think of – literally.

Built for OEM

Our license agreement with partner Rambus means we can now produce our unique Edge-lit LED components on behalf of other European manufacturers – so you can take full advantage of Edge-lit technology in your designs.

And because we've developed a standard range of Edge-lit LED light guides, this technology is available without upfront development or tooling costs.

If you are an OEM and interested in our new range of light guides, please contact us or visit and register at our OEM Light Guides Site to receive further information.