Formed-in-place Gasketing

Formed-in-place Gasketing

As the official UK agents of Sonderhoff materials and equipment we have unrivalled expertise of formed-in-place gaskets.

Formed-in-place Foam Gaskets

Two chemically safe components which, when combined, expand to form a ‘poured two-part gasket’. This gasket has no joints and will blend with, and fill, uneven surfaces. It requires no additional fixing and needs no secondary sponge material in order to form a perfect seal.
No dedicated tooling is necessary, making this a highly cost-effective solution for customers. 
The chemistry used is dependent on application, each formulation being tailored to a specific end use – these include:
  • Food packaging
  • Automotive and Transport
  • Air conditioning 
  • Electronics industry and electronics enclosures
  • Lighting
Gaskets for environmental protection – seals against dust and water
A robotised process that is both cost-effective and simple to set up, we offer two variations:
  • Seal integrated with mouldings produced at Fern-Howard
  • OEM gaskets for customers with fabricated sheet or cast metal components 
Both are cost-effective and flexible.

Why use Formed-in-place Gaskets?

Unlike other methods such as die-cut gaskets or jointed neoprene cord, Formed-in-place gaskets provide:
  • High performance
  • A perfect fit to any shape - flat, grooved or complex three-dimensional
  • Ease of assembly (the gasket adheres to the product, cannot fall out, and so makes assembly easy)
  • Cost savings due to reduced material
  • Cost savings on tooling (die-cut gaskets require a new tool for each gasket size, formed-in-place can produce gaskets on demand, from the same tool.)
  • Reduced stockholding and inventory
  • Faster production – mouldings delivered with gaskets already in place






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