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EdgeLED™ A1

This highly energy efficient exterior wall luminaire distributes light exactly where it is needed with a combination of high optical efficiency and precise ray angle controlled output.

Rambus’ patented MicroLens® technology creates pleasant and uniform light, whilst ray angle control directs light exactly where it is required - light spillages and light pollution are avoided and spaces come to life; all with minimal energy consumption.

Wall mounted, the EdgeLED™ A1 has been designed specifically for areas where controlling illumination is paramount, such as walkways, external landing areas and corridors; anywhere that demands to be well lit, but where light pollution must be avoided.

  • Highly energy efficient EdgeLED™ optical system with a life span of 50,000 hours (L85)
  • Fewer luminaires are required to light the same area, drastically reducing installation and operating costs
  • Delivering exceptionally uniform and pleasant light
  • IP65 – formed-in-place foam gasket protects against dust and water
  • Robust Polycarbonate body
  • Clip-on fascia in black, white or chrome
  • Clear Polycarbonate lens cover
  • Slim profile
  • Base with integral high-efficiency driver
  • Plug-in optical module for swift installation
  • BESA box fixing points for easy cable entry
  • Security screws available
  • Qualifying for ECA support


All standard Light Management Options are available, including 3h Emergency, Auto Test, Microwave Sensor, DALI, Dimming and Corridor Function.

  • Light Source
  • LED Edge-Lit
IP65 IK10 Class II Wall Mounted RoHS Weee
EdgeLED™ A1
Lumen Output 1,1001,900
System Power Consumption 13W25W
Colour Temperature (K) 4,0004,000
CRI (Ra) >83>83
Life (Hours) 50,000 (L85)50,000 (L85)
Efficacy (Lm/W) 8576
Weight (kg) 2.02.0
Dimensions (mm) ∅ 350x45∅ 350x45


Polar Curve - EdgeLED™ A1

EdgeLED™ A1

Part Number Description Base Colour Diffuser Colour Circuit Type Light Source