What is Corridor Function?


Luminaires with a built in corridor function are a simple and efficient way of reducing energy consumption. Where light has to be provided 24 hours a day for statutory and safety reasons, the corridor function helps to provide the right level of light at all times and for all different activity types.

How it works?

1.    Luminaires are switched on at a pre-defined, reduced light level. Energy is saved whilst no one is present, yet sufficient light is provided to maintain a safe environment.

2.     As soon as the sensor detects movement the light level is increased to full brightness and remains on as long as a presence is detected.

3.     Once no further movement is detected, the luminaire remains at full brightness for a preset period of time.

4.    Then it fades to reduced levels to maximise energy savings.

Typical application

This economical, 24-hour, lighting is ideal for pedestrian underpasses, underground train stations, ATM booths, corridors and stairways, lift lobbies, public buildings, warehouses and hospitals. Any medium to low traffic area that must be lit at all times for safety and security reasons.