Energy ratings are changing

Research & Development

With new energy rating changes, Fern Howard is well-placed as a market-leading LED manufacturing company that invests heavily in researching and developing new efficiencies. 

The regulation changes being brought into the market are a purposeful move to continue innovation from manufacturers. New Energy Efficiency regulations will come into effect in March 2023.

As businesses strive for greater efficiencies we are pleased to be part of the change and innovation the industry, consumers and future generations are demanding.

Why the change?

With so many technological advances during the past 10+ years the energy efficiency labelling system, created in 2011, has been challenging for consumers trying to understand how energy-efficient products are.

2023 brings about the change that is long overdue in the industry.

2011 Energy Rating is at full capacity

Approximately 90% of appliances and products currently fall under A/A++ rating. Making it difficult to judge which item is the most energy efficient.

Therefore a new system was required to bring about change in the industry.

Under new label ratings, there are currently no products that reside within the ranking of the new class A label

In fact, the old A++ rating is classed as an ‘E’ and an ‘A’ class is a ‘G’.


  • A++ 120 – new – A 210
  • A+ 55 – new – B 185
  • A 50 – new – C 160
  • B 15 – new – D 135
  • C 12 – new – E 110
  • D 9 – new – F 85
  • E 0 – new – G 0

R&D is needed for the future of energy consumption

Simply put when innovation has peaked at A+++ there is nowhere to go.

This new system and room at the top is there to entice manufacturers to innovate, exceed and make progress where once there was no requirement or motivation to do so.

Our customers know they can sell with confidence to consumers that demand the best.

Fern Howard consistently tries to innovate and push energy efficiencies across all our products. We are pleased to continue to innovate and drive the change required for the new energy efficiency class ratings as the old 2011 ratings can no longer stand the test of time.