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Amazing Turnout at Light+Building 2014 for Fern-Howard

LED lighting was present at almost every stand at the show, but none like this. Only EdgeLED™ from Fern-Howard could genuinely claim to deliver all the advantages LED has always promised.

‘’The interest and feedback we received from lighting professionals visiting our stand was better than we could have wished for. The efficiency and uniformity we were able to demonstrate with our new range was extremely well received: numerous representatives of Europe’s leading professional lighting companies recognised the benefits and technical advantages of the EdgeLED™ system when compared to other types of LED solutions’’ said Peter Scott, Fern-Howard’s Group CEO.

With EdgeLED™ technology the LEDs are arranged around the edge of a light guide, a highly engineered optical device containing thousands of micro lenses.  It is these that precisely control the density of light travelling through the guide, and channel it to exactly where it is required. The result is a range of attractive luminaires with a pleasing and uniform light output and optimised distribution that in no way compromises the inherent efficiency of LED. And not only is the light output homogenous, it also enables fewer luminaires to light a given area, and has allowed new, more attractive designs to be developed.

EdgeLED™ technology is covered by a number of worldwide patents and a License Agreement with Rambus who have co-operated with Fern-Howard in developing the new luminaires.

In terms of efficiency, the light created is almost fully utilised, resulting in energy reduction of at least 33% compared with most other currently available energy efficient lighting systems - and the potential energy and CO2 reductions increase to 75% when EdgeLED™  is compared with luminaires using opal diffusers.

Indeed, EdgeLED™ light guide technology, when combined with advancements in LED driver electronics and thermal management, means only a clear diffuser, or no diffuser at all is required.