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Fern-Howard Joint Solent Elite

Fern-Howard, the UK based manufacturer of energy efficient LED lighting, has made it into Business Magazine’s highly respected listing of top 100 companies in the Solent area.

A great number of local authorities, health authorities, schools and universities in the UK now use some form of Fern-Howard lighting – and the company works with over 1.600 electrical wholesalers – significantly adding to the area’s prosperity.

Key to the company’s success has been their decision to meet the challenge of low-cost imports by investing in new technology and manufacturing capabilities – a move that has led to the development of their popular EdgeLED™ range, a rapidly growing customer base and an Alton based plant capable of producing 3,000 finished lighting units a day.

It’s also meant forming global partnerships that have made the Solent area a driving force in new lighting technology - as CEO Peter Scott explains. “Our work has led to lighting you can control perfectly.  You can dim it, change the colour, alter the brightness to create perfect lighting in every space – and EdgeLED™ technology means we can do it at higher levels of energy efficiency than ever thought possible.”

It’s fair to say that Fern-Howard’s LED technology has not only caught people’s imagination but that it has opened up significant export opportunities. Thanks to companies like Fern-Howard, the UK no longer wants to import cheap lighting from abroad – we export our technology to the world instead. 

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