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New technology leads to new jobs

Technological advances from UK based lighting manufacturer Fern-Howard have led to increased demand and to the creation of a significant number of new jobs.

The technology, known as ‘Edge-lit LED' represents a massive leap forward in LED lighting, a sector that has already shown significant growth. Fern-Howard have not only invested in the potential of Edge-lit LED, but have also developed an innovative new generation of LED based luminaires that looks set to help the company become a market-leading provider of LED solutions. 

This has meant investing heavily and working with technologists Rambus Inc., who specialise in LED Edge-Lighting technology. Edge-lit LED technology has already been highly successful in laptop displays, smart phones and TVs, but has not yet shown its full potential in the lighting market. Fern-Howard and Rambus Inc. believe the breakthrough for Edge-Lit LED lighting is their MicroLens® optics - a technique that uses injection moulded light guides, incorporating micro-optics, to create precise ray angle controlled light output. This has significant advantages over existing LED optical systems.

As Edge-lit LED lighting is expected to be a catalyst for substantial business growth over the coming years, and a key driver behind LED lighting’s continued success, Fern-Howard are launching their new products with an ambitious development programme that rolls out over the next two years, and involves developing bespoke opportunities with other interested parties.

Currently the only European manufacturing licensee of this system, Fern-Howard also envisage business growth will not be limited to the traditional wholesaler market but that huge potential exists in other lighting channels and OEM businesses throughout the UK and Europe. 

It is for this reason that Fern-Howard is significantly strengthening their management team, particularly in the areas of design, development, project and commercial management.

Fern-Howard have retained the services of one of the world’s leading international search and selection firms to fill these positions - choosing Mercuri Urval as they specialise in integrated solutions and so are well-placed to find the perfect match for each job.

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