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Rambus signs license agreement with Fern-Howard to develop LED

Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ: RMBS), one of the world’s premier technology licensing companies, today announced it has signed a license agreement with Fern-Howard, a market-leading manufacturer of energy efficient lighting. This agreement enables Fern- Howard to sell advanced lighting products based on Rambus lighting solutions incorporating Rambus patented innovations including MicroLens® optics technology.

“We are excited to see Rambus lighting solutions expand into the European and Middle Eastern markets with the help of Fern-Howard,” said Jeff Parker, president of the Lighting and Display Technology business at Rambus. “Using key Rambus technologies, Fern-Howard fixtures will achieve a level of styling, application efficiency, and precise control of light unmatched in the bulkhead and utility lighting industry.”

“We believe edge-lit technology is the much sought-after link between conventional area lighting fixtures and wide-scale LED adoption. It not only provides a pleasing, uniform light source, but when coupled with highly sophisticated MicroLens® technology, enables a level of lighting control that is impossible to achieve with other, less efficient LED solutions,” said Peter Scott, managing director of Fern-Howard. “We are delighted to be working with Rambus and will be showing the first results of our collaboration with five new edge-lit products at Light+Building in April.”

Market demands for energy-efficient lighting solutions are rising rapidly, and LED lighting products are the focus for the next-generation of fixtures in architectural, retail, commercial, and residential lighting. Rambus' lighting solutions enable general lighting products to harness the benefits of LEDs by maximising the useable light output through precision ray angle control and excellent optical efficiency.

Based on patented Rambus innovations - including LED edge-lit optical designs, MicroLens® light distribution features, high-volume, low-cost light guide panels and multi-function film manufacturing technologies - these lighting solutions allow customers to harness all the benefits of LEDs in affordable general lighting products. All while using fewer or lower-cost LEDs, and delivering excellent light quality and output.