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Fern-Howard appoint Dr Smashbang as their first (and last?) Director of Destruction

In a bold move believed to be unique in the lighting industry, Fern-Howard have appointed a wholly unqualified but hugely enthusiastic Director of Destruction.

Dr Smashbang’s lack of credentials and frankly murky past, have not prevented him appearing in a new series of videos for the lighting manufacturer. Here he explains what makes a vandal proof bulkhead vandal proof, what it takes to set up a microwave sensor, and why he tests formed-in-place-gaskets with a Super Soaker.

Previously Director of Hitting Things Quite Hard at a crockery company and Lead Unraveller at Acme Babywear the Dr describes his methods as “Unscientific, unpredictable but undeniably more fun than EN 62262. EN anything bores my socks off”

Claiming that today’s standards lack the drama of ‘a big hammer with a big bloke behind it’ he dismisses conventional testing as ‘not fit for anything, let alone purpose’ and claims that if he’d been given a go at the Titanic with a crowbar the iceberg wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Describing Fern-Howard products as ‘a lot tougher than he was used to’ he said he hoped to bring both a fresh approach and added violence to testing. And if his fresh approach doesn’t work out? ‘More violence probably, and bigger hammers.’

See for yourself, watch the videos here