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Fern-Howard help wildlife rescue centre

When you find a sickly squirrel, or an under-the-weather woodpecker what do you do? Well, if you live in Hampshire and surrounding counties, you call HART Wildlife Rescue. A registered charity, HART's wildlife hospital provides vital rescue, treatment and rehabilitation for wildlife. But their base in Lower Soldridge near Alton, Hampshire was also in need of a little TLC; especially when it came to lighting.


So, lighting manufacturer Fern-Howard, also based in Alton, stepped in and helped them out; donating and installing new LED battens in corridors and treatment rooms, new LED bulkheads into their reception area and Exodus Emergency Bulkheads throughout the premises.

All of which means not only are HART better placed to save wildlife, they're also able to save energy and keep their critical running costs low. Before Fern-Howard's help they were using 710W – now its 479W. That's around £125.65 per year saved when re-lamping costs are factored in.

Whether it's saving energy or wildlife, Fern-Howard are happy, and proud, to help.