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PremaLink®, Joined-up LED luminaire thinking from Fern-Howard

PremaLink® is a new, slim, versatile, weatherproof Continuous Link LED Batten System from Fern-Howard that allows different lengths to be easily combined with an integrated push-fit connector - and still give a uniform lumen output per foot. A long, evenly lit, chain of battens, all from a single power source* and with no hotspots.

Typically for Fern-Howard, they are exceptionally contractor-friendly and easy to install; either ceiling mounted or suspended using quick-mount brackets. Simply click the first fitting into a bracket, click in the next fitting, and push together to complete the circuit. Power can be fed from either end, or mid-position via the quick-connect power link.

Because it's so easy to install, and because it comes in four different lengths (600, 1200, 1500 and an exceptional 2400mm), PremaLink®makes it easy for contractors to quickly create custom lighting schemes by combining different lengths. It can span 20 meters from a single power source, it's highly efficient at 140 Lumens per Watt and all units have an IP66 rating.

Creating lighting schemes in commercial industrial and domestic environments has never been so easy, elegant or innovative. Durable, slim and unobtrusive, PremaLink®shows Fern-Howard's joined-up thinking at its best.