A one-component LED gear tray that allows you to upgrade existing bulkheads, adding new functions and improving energy-efficiency in less than 60 seconds.

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Product Feature

⏫ Higher Energy efficiency
+ 0 %

As a pioneer in energy-saving lighting brands, Fern Howard has been committed to seeking breakthroughs in LED energy-saving technology. This product achieves an unprecedented energy efficiency of up to 170lm/w, which is not only 19% higher than Fern Howard’s current gear tray but also the leading product in the UK market among the category*. 

*According to internal market research in SEP 2022.

🔆 Extra Lumen output (14W, 4000K)
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Same energy consumption, higher lumen output.

Adequate indoor lighting is especially important for protecting vision. This new product benefits from its ultra-high energy efficiency, allowing your light fixtures to significantly increase luminosity without increasing energy consumption, making indoor spaces brighter and more comfortable

Variable Wattage
14- 0 W
Variable colour temperature
2,700K- 0 K

The Universal gear tray is multifunctional with adjustable power and colour temperature. This not only helps wholesalers and retailers to save storage space, but also provides greater flexibility and adaptability for users. With the universal gear tray, you can choose the desired colour temperature (warm light 2700K/white light 4000K/daylight 6500K) and brightness (power 14/15/17/19W) for the most comfortable light setting in various indoor environments.

Popular brands' bulkheads
Fits in with over 0

Credit to the new invented 4-way fit system, this Universal Gear Tray is compatible with Fern Howard‘s round bulkheads and a wide range of bulkheads on the market. For details, please refer to the datasheet

🕒 Lifespan (L80)
0 Hours

To reduce the impact of solid waste on the earth, we are committed to extending the lifespan of our products and ensuring that their performance remains at an ideal level even in the later stages of their lifespan. The new Universal gear tray builds with aluminum PCBs, which provides excellent heat dissipation to extend the product’s lifespan, allowing it achieving the highest standard among similar products – 50,000 hours (L80). In the future, Fern Howard will continue to build on this foundation and seek further breakthroughs.




Issue 1 AUG 2023

Installation Instruction

Issue 1 APR 2023


MaY 2024

Photometric files

March 2023

Lumen Output

2380 – 3120 lm

Colour Temperatures

2700K/4000K/6500K (Selectable)


14W/15W/17W/19W (Selectable)



Energy rating(ERP 2021)



Ø267 mm x 50 mm


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