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LED 2D Lamps

Upgrade any HF 2D bulkhead to LED
with our simple push-fit LED replacement lamps

Simple as 1-2-3: Just push the new LED lamp into the lamp holder, no rewiring required


  • Classic 2D Shape
  • Creates the same light as replaced 16/28W CFL lamp
  • Uses 50% less energy than equivalent CFL lamp
  • Lasts 3x longer
  • Better quality of light
  • Reduced running and zero maintenance costs
  • Frequent Switching - turn on/off as often as you like without compromising the lifespan of the lamp
  • Better for the environment too, contains no Lead or Mercury
  • Also available as Anti-Drug Blue


Compatible with most High Frequency 2D bulkheads, including EM

click here for a list of fittings we have already tested and approved for compatibility

Suitable to use in 4-PIN fittings

Available in two sizes: 

  • Small replaces 16W CFL - Product Code: L16-4-LED-3500
    Only to be used with High Frequency (Electronic) CFL ballast max 16W!
  • Large replaces 28W CFL - Product Code: L28-4-LED-3500
    Only to be used with High Frequency (Electronic) CFL ballast max 28W!

Also available in Anti Drug Blue: 

  • Helps prevent drug users locating their veins.
  • Commonly used in public areas to improve safety for visitors.

Click here to take you to the Anti-Drug Blue web page.



  • Light Source
  • LED Backlit
CE RoHS Weee
LED 2D Lamps
Lumen Output 1,000 (replaces 16W CFL)1,600 (replaces 28W CFL)1000 (replaces 28W CFL)
System Power Consumption 11W16W16W
Colour Temperature (K) 35003500Anti-Drug Blue
CRI (Ra) n/a
Life (Hours) 40,00040,00040,000
Efficacy (Lm/W) 91100n/a
Weight (kg) 0.0850.1450.145
Dimensions (mm) 139x139x26200x187x39200x187x39


Part Number Description Base Colour Diffuser Colour Circuit Type Light Source
L16-4-LED-3500 LED Replacement lamp for 16W TC-DD n/a n/a n/a LED Back Lit
L28-4-LED-3500 LED Replacement lamp for 28W TC-DD n/a n/a n/a LED Back Lit

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