Bulkhead light pollution shield for Drake Bulkhead from Fern Howard

Reducing Light Pollution

Drake LED Bulkhead Light Pollution Shield

Light can be required 24/7 or when the sun sets. Lighting up the dark in outdoor spaces is a priority for most locations. Decisions to purchase any light that fits into the category ‘external light’ can be a simple quick choice.

However, when it comes to reducing light pollution and choosing the right light, sometimes you might need to consider your options. Firstly survey the surrounding area and consider how much light you require. Do you need to use a floodlight, a standard light or can you direct your light where it is required?

A Robust Outdoor LED Light

Our Drake LED Bulkhead can direct light where it is needed throughout its 50,000 hours (this is above many other manufacturers).

Drake Bulkhead with light pollution shield

Drake Bulkhead - Black Shield

Lightweight robust polycarbonate body with an eyelid trim to reduce light pollution with an opal polycarbonate diffuser.

Drake Bulkhead with light pollution shield

Drake Bulkhead - White Shield

Exceptionally robust and vandal resistant due to rigidly constructed base, screwed-down diffuser & flush fit to fixing surface.

Durable and vandal-resistant the unit is rated IK10, the highest rating given. Along with a weatherproof IP65 range, our Drake LED bulkheads are exceptionally robust and versatile to use. 

Simple to install with BESA box fixing points for easy cable entry and a hinged LED gear tray for swift and easy installation.

What can I do to reduce light?

Location and placement are key. Our top tip is to survey your area and only use outdoor lighting if, when and where you need a light source.

Make sure when installing lights they are effectively shielded in areas that require fewer upward-facing lights, such as locating lights near trees. Positioning lighting near trees can affect the growth and seasonal changes (read more in the geographic report)  

The Fern Howard Drake bulkhead with a light shield does exactly what is required to prevent excessive light from emitting into the night sky. Shielding and directing the light to where it is required without disturbing any stargazers.

Choosing a low-lumen bulkhead will also help to reduce the disturbance to wildlife and help the environment too.

What is light Pollution?

An astounding 80% of the world’s population, and 99% of Americans and Europeans, live under sky glow (National Geographic).

What is Sky glow, according to The National Geographic:

“Sky glow is the brightening of the night sky, mostly over urban areas, due to the electric lights of cars, streetlamps, offices, factories, outdoor advertising, and buildings, turning night into day for people who work and play long after sunset”.