What is an outdoor sensor light. Read all about our Photocell.

What Is An Outdoor Sensor Light?

The photocell-controlled Luminaire automatically lights as daylight fades and switches off in the morning as the sun rises. The built-in photocell detects light levels and switches accordingly.

Variations in natural light will cause the Luminaire to switch on and off at various times as the light level alters.

Photocell Function from Fern Howard Ltd

How it works?

Daytime Photocell setting for LED
Night time Photocell setting for LED

Typical application

They are ideal for walkways, porches and all outdoor lighting applications where safety and security at night are critical.

Photocell option is available for most Fern-Howard luminaires and we offer a self-fit photocell kit as well.

Light up dark under paths beneath roads and bridges.