What is CCT colour changeable temperature and how does it work?

What is CCT? Understanding the functionality of colour temperature

CCT refers to Correlated Colour Temperature. Simply put, rather than the LED Panel being one temperature set at a certain Kelvin ie 4000K and having to choose whether you would prefer 3000K yellow, 4000K warm white or 6000K cool white this functionality provides the option to interchange between brightness.

CCT Colour Changeable Temperature from Fern Howard

How it works

It works by having two sets of LED chips on the PCB. Warm White and Day light that can be operated independently or when combined both produce Natural White(4000K) giving three choices of colour temperature.

Installed onto our Gear Tray

We have incorporated CCT into a range of our bulkheads but it’s not just these units that have CCT functionality. Some of our replaceable gear trays also include a DIP switch. These are particularly useful for upgrading from 20 CFL to LED.

Colour can be changed easily by using the DIP switch on the PCB board to select the colour you prefer. This can also be changed on-site once installation has been completed. Making this option perfect for altering if the customer requires a mood change.


  • Easy to install
  • 3 colour options in one fitting
  • CCT gear tray available to retrofit 2D fittings
  • High lumen output
  • Consistent even light distribution i.e. no spotting
  • Quality LED chips

Colour Temperature

Colour Temperature Setting Instructions with Dip switch settings

CCT colour changeable temperature LED Gear Tray from Fern Howard

Switch Settings

Move the DIP switch to the position shown in the diagram below.

CCT PIR switch
CCT (K) 3000 4000 6000
Warm White
Natural White
Cool White
Warm and cosy
Soothing and neutral
High intense light
Perfect for
Residential applications such as living areas and communal spaces. Hospitality applications for example restaurants, reception areas, hotel lobby and decorative outdoor lighting.
Commercial applications such as office space, hotel corridors, walkways, retail lighting solutions, internal and external car park lighting.
Commercial applications such as hospitals, chemists, laboratories, manufacturing, security, stadiums. Specifically for locations where white light is required for precision.